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Seem to have insomnia for the last few days.  Not fun.  Need a little rubber hammer to put me too sleep.

In other news, last month I brewed my first batch of home brew for a long, long time (old friends will recall the "batch" I made in Heslington Road).  Having read a little more about how to do it, and the importance of clarifying the beer, this lot wasn't bad.  It was a Pale Ale made from a wort kit (a cube of liquid ready to brew) with not much else to do than keep all the pieces clean.

The brew came out looking good, but I rushed it a little, so didn't have much body and too much sparkle from the bottle fermentation.  Drinkable.  I now have a an Oktoberfest/Marzen lager on the go, which after the primary fermentation was over was looking, tasting and smelling much better. Not rushing it, but hopeful I'll have something worthy of sharing this time.
Tags: beer, mylifestory

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