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Ralph Liberty Meadows
The Cesspit
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Resident Here. 
13th-Feb-2010 04:07 pm
 Yesterday, I got on a ferry, crossed the Juan de Fuca to a little town called Port Angeles.  This is almost exactly, but not quite, the opposite of Los Angeles.  There wasn't a single shop who was part of a high street chain.  There was only antiques shops, worn down book shops and shops trying to trade off twilight.  And bar/grills.

I managed to tour the town center in less than 10 minutes.  The highlight 'Cock-a-doodle-donuts', where I regret not taking a picture to add to my collection of American towns I have visited with a shop with the word 'Cock' in the title (see Dunny's Cock Shack in Nooksack).   

I then had a quick pint (Hop Henge, Deschutes Brewery, lovely Cascade hopped IPA) and Burger (meh) and jumped back on the Black Ball ferry to Victoria.  As the ferry left the harbour, a rainbow appeared, and it's end was the Vancouver Island shores, roundabout the entrance to Victoria Harbour.  If I was fanciful, I would have said it was over the Black Ball Ferry terminal's immigration offices. 

A 90 minute sail away and we pulled into the harbour, I disembarked back onto Canadian soil and queued up to see a Border Guard.  The young lad sent me into the back office.  Here he asked for a passport, and dot matrixed print out and visa.  A few minutes later, 3 signatures and a handshake later, I get a small stamp in my passport.

I am now a permanent resident of Canada.   I walked out of a pair of fire doors, back to the harbour area and that was that.  3 years, couple thousand dollars and it's done.  A bit anticlimatic.  No banners, no flags.  But I did have a big grin for the rest of the day, and celebrated with several pints of Saltspring Island Heather Ale and coming second in the Fort Street Cafe quiz.

In other news, I am the proud owner of a small red diesel Golf.  It's like the Big Red Happy Fun Bus (TM) junior edition.
Ralph Liberty Meadows
14th-Feb-2010 05:26 am (UTC)
Congratulations on your new citizenship, dude!

(And the vehicular homage - Little Red Happy Fun Bus™, possibly?)
14th-Feb-2010 08:05 am (UTC)
He'd need to add the 'Travelling Biscuits' for that.
14th-Feb-2010 09:20 am (UTC)
What (or who) were the Travelling Biscuits? If it involves bodily excretions, there's information you can keep to yourself.
15th-Feb-2010 09:23 am (UTC)
A box of French biscuits (several years past their use by date) resided in the glove box of the Big Red Happy Fun Bus. When the car got broken into, they were the only things that were taken. I think if they ate any, then natural justice will have been served.
14th-Feb-2010 01:43 pm (UTC)
Fair point! [grin] Or possibly, a Travelling Biscuit ...
14th-Feb-2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
Nice one! Enjoy your official time in Canadia.
15th-Mar-2010 10:18 pm (UTC)
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