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 Yesterday, I got on a ferry, crossed the Juan de Fuca to a little town called Port Angeles.  This is almost exactly, but not quite, the opposite of Los Angeles.  There wasn't a single shop who was part of a high street chain.  There was only antiques shops, worn down book shops and shops trying to trade off twilight.  And bar/grills.

I managed to tour the town center in less than 10 minutes.  The highlight 'Cock-a-doodle-donuts', where I regret not taking a picture to add to my collection of American towns I have visited with a shop with the word 'Cock' in the title (see Dunny's Cock Shack in Nooksack).   

I then had a quick pint (Hop Henge, Deschutes Brewery, lovely Cascade hopped IPA) and Burger (meh) and jumped back on the Black Ball ferry to Victoria.  As the ferry left the harbour, a rainbow appeared, and it's end was the Vancouver Island shores, roundabout the entrance to Victoria Harbour.  If I was fanciful, I would have said it was over the Black Ball Ferry terminal's immigration offices. 

A 90 minute sail away and we pulled into the harbour, I disembarked back onto Canadian soil and queued up to see a Border Guard.  The young lad sent me into the back office.  Here he asked for a passport, and dot matrixed print out and visa.  A few minutes later, 3 signatures and a handshake later, I get a small stamp in my passport.

I am now a permanent resident of Canada.   I walked out of a pair of fire doors, back to the harbour area and that was that.  3 years, couple thousand dollars and it's done.  A bit anticlimatic.  No banners, no flags.  But I did have a big grin for the rest of the day, and celebrated with several pints of Saltspring Island Heather Ale and coming second in the Fort Street Cafe quiz.

In other news, I am the proud owner of a small red diesel Golf.  It's like the Big Red Happy Fun Bus (TM) junior edition.
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