The Cesspit (thecesspit) wrote,
The Cesspit

Exchange Rates

Dear British residents,

Please do what is necessary to stop the pound sliding against the Canadian Dollar. I need to transfer a lot of money and this back sliding over the last four weeks has cost me $1,000.




I have started, scarily enough, looking for a permanent home. One Of my Own. This is because steer has one, and I can't be left behind. For this I need deposit. Which is in UK funds, that aren't worth what they were 4 months ago, and infact worth less than they were two freaking weeks ago.

I shall turn my self-entitled, western, middle-class moaning off now, before I start subscribing to the Daily Mail online (if I ever do, I think this is a sign of minor stroke, or other brain injury, you are entitled to call for medical help).
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