The Cesspit (thecesspit) wrote,
The Cesspit

The Olympic effect?

It's said that England has a boost in the economic fortunes when they do well in the World Cup. Canada just won the ice hockey Gold medal in the olympics, which is pretty much the equivalent in terms of highest national game played. Victoria went crazy, with more horns, cowbells and flag waving than you can shake a (hockey) stick at. Downtown Victoria was mobbed, and the main streets covered in merry fans waving, shouting and trying to avoid getting run over by the traffic that was just as merry and flag waving.

I wonder if they'll be the sort of national up swell that England has when it goes deep into the World Cup. Or at least the bars will be happy in their takings.

I did see the game on TV, but I only have public access TV here, and watched the commentary in Cree Indian... as I knew half the players, this was good enough. Was a very good game, with all the expected story lines coming through, with the wonder-kid Sidney Crosby winning the game in overtime with an excellent goal that he not only scored, but did all the hard work in creating. Prior to that, the US team had equalized with just 30 seconds left, to send the game into sudden death.
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