The Cesspit (thecesspit) wrote,
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Test image

Test image, originally uploaded by Odinsday.

Okay, it's January 5th, 2011, and this image is from before the New Year. I'm just trying out the flickr integration with LiveJournal for giggles, and to see if it's the way I want to share a project I'm trying out.

Each day, at as close to 1817 PST as I can safely make it, I'm taking a picture of where I am right then and there. Most of these will be pretty mundane, which is partly the point, just tracking my existence.

I've got a flickr set for it, but trying to decide if I should also post to facebook/LJ /Twitter (one not all). Probably won't, seems a bit in your face, but might blog a few pictures here to keep LJ rolling along.

Tags: 1817, beer

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