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Ralph Liberty Meadows
The Cesspit
Revealing more than it says since 1995
That was the week that was. 
10th-Jan-2011 09:57 pm
January 2nd, 1817 - Playing London, the boardgame.
January 3rd, 1817 - Shopping at Thriftys.
January 4th, 1817 - Playing on the PC
January 5th, 1817 - Still at work
January 6th, 1817 - Money for the old car.

January 7th, 1817 - At home, watching TV
January 8th, 1817 - Standing at the bus stop
9th January, 1817 - Playing Navegadar.
10th January, 1817 - Cooking hot wings.

If anyone knows a simple way to create a contact/thumbnail sheet from Flickr, that doesn't use a script on the viewing side, let me know... this isn't quite what I wanted to present.
EDIT : Well that's a little prettier, but far too much like hard work to do every week/9 days. Plus the captions are lost (though you can mouse over and click through if you desire). Maybe it's time to break out the custom LJ CSS and my new found Groovy skills. Groovy skills are not some sort of 80's disco dance, but a scripting language.

The wings, though looking rather unappetizing in the photo, were excellent. Oven baking with hot sauce is the key.
Ralph Liberty Meadows
11th-Jan-2011 01:45 pm (UTC)
11th-Jan-2011 05:24 pm (UTC)
I'm taking a photo at 18:17 every day.
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