April 9th, 2010

Ralph Liberty Meadows


This past month has been interesting. I discovered that the banks would lend me money at an exceedingly good rate, and have then found a very nice two-bedroom apartment to move into. This all happens in 7 days and I'll then spend until I am very old indeed paying down the mortgage. Still, it will be all mine eventually and is nice to have somewhere I can erect a dripping blood pentagram and not have the landlord complain about ruining their carpet.

This is of course in theory. I don't really want to hang a pentagram, dripping blood or otherwise.

The process has been relatively smooth. Nobody refused to believe my identity or address. There was a moment or two when it was rumoured someone was about to break a contract, but that never happened, and my current place is already half packed up.

Still, something can go wrong, so lets not count our house keys before they are put in my sweaty palm.